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The result of switching to W-2 labor, Scharf says, was labor costs as much as 40 percent higher than the competition’s. But it also resulted in better customer satisfaction and better performance as a company. MyClean now has around 200 employees and has grown to $8 million in annualized revenue in the past two years.

Does the worker have a schedule set by the company? Does the company require the worker to wear a uniform, receive job training, or use tools provided by the company? If so, that 1099 worker might be properly classified as a W-2 employee — and the company might be on the hook for thousands of dollars in back payroll taxes

In other words, the 1099 economy is almost perfectly calibrated to serve the needs of fast-moving start-ups — lower costs, less liability, the ability to grow and shrink the labor pool quickly — but is it good for the people doing the work?

“La vida es para tomar desafíos. Hay que trabajar mucho más que antes, hay que buscar una estabilidad. No se puede vivir del pasado. El desafío de una continuidad es un riesgo, pero también es algo que motiva mucho. Quiero considerar el grupo de jugadores, que tiene la mentalidad de querer crecer. Nunca tuve dudas que podíamos seguir mejorando. Estamos convencidos de que vamos a seguir bien”.

quizá siga siendo la única necrológica que aún hoy, al oírla a 29 años de la muerte de Cortázar, nos vuelve a poner el corazón en un puño cuando oímos su voz de Gran Cronopio, pidiéndonos –desde dondequiera que esté– que le sigamos dejando mensajes.

An actor, in the sense that he showed up in films, who was last seen round-housing Vietnamese extras in B-movies in the ’80s, back when he was only pushing 50.




I <3 William Shatner on Twitter

I love how they respond to him, as if he is actually a captain, even more.

This is amazing.

But for teachers, exploring the unsavory side of US history is a pedagogical necessity.

When the RNC accuses the AP test of “political bias,” what they really mean is that the test has the wrong kind of bias. Republicans like Mercer want history to be a celebration of America and a confirmation of American exceptionalism—the notion that America is unique among nation-states in its commitment to liberty, which it has a right to spread around the globe.