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No pases mucho tiempo trabajando para hacer realidad la visión de otras pesonas o en muchas reuniones.

I have never seen anything like that where somebody has been that cold,” he says. “She was just glacially cold.

growth in vinyl sales can be seen as “yet another manifestation of the societal fetishization of all things ‘vintage’ and analog, which is pretty clearly a response to digitization…”

The study documenting that discrepancy came about when development economists couldn’t find any evidence that the massive surge of money from migrants was helping economic growth in their home countries.

Have you ever emailed a photograph of your child in the bathtub, or yourself flexing for the camera or modeling lingerie? If so, it could be your photo in the Washington Post newsroom right now, where it may or may not be secure going forward.

Not everyone deserves to be treated nicely, but those moments are there to test our commitment to our belief in loving kindness.

llegaron mis papás y con ellos un tesoro #rayuela

llegaron mis papás y con ellos un tesoro #rayuela