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Netanyahu and his coalition have no strategy of their own except endless counterinsurgency against the backdrop of a steadily deteriorating diplomatic position within the world and an inexorable demographic decline.

Ryan Gosling is still wearing his T-shirt but it has a picture of Macaulay Culkin on it wearing a T-shirt with a picture of Ryan Gosling on it, a three-ton great white shark has been eaten either by an even bigger great white shark or possibly by the Leviathan, and Bill Murray has crashed another wedding. Are you not entertained?

Remember this”, I laughed, “you need no one’s permission to be yourself.

Creating affordable housing, it turns out, isn’t simple in a city where every square foot has a price tag and a constituency.

In his view, citizens don’t have an automatic right to more than the water they require for mere “survival”, unless they can afford to pay for it.

How many lush golf courses should we be sustaining with millions of gallons of water in parts of the world that are naturally arid, like Arizona or southern California?

Among the more than one million comments about net neutrality received by the US government this year was a submission by… Major League Baseball (MLB).

#Gooner massive #ArsenalNYC #Gooners @arsenal  (at Red Bull Arena)

#Gooner massive #ArsenalNYC #Gooners @arsenal (at Red Bull Arena)